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Ein vorred, Andreas Osianders. : Mit gutter verstendtlicher auslegung, durch gelerte lewt, verklert. Wilche, Hans Sachs yn Deudsche reymen gefasset, vnd darzu gesetzt hat. Thirty allegorical woodcuts illustrating the history and ultimate defeat of the papacy, each accompanied by an explanation by Andreas Osiander and two rhyming couplets by Hans Sachs. The woodcuts are different from those by Erhard Schön in the edition of the "Wünderliche Weyssagung" published in the same year by H. Guldenmundt, Nuremberg. Signatures: A-C[sup]4 D[sup]2 E[sup]4. Cf. Bainton, R.H. Eyn wunderliche Weyssagung Osiander-Sachs-Luther (Germanic Review, 21, 1946, p. 161-164); Warburg, A. Heidnisch-antike Weissagung in Wort und Bild zu Luthers Zeiten, p. 47-49 (Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Jahrgang 1919, 26. Abhandlung); Andersson, C. Polemical prints during the Reformation (Censorship : conflict / New York Public Library, p. 34-51); Scribner, R.W. For the sake of simple folk : popular propaganda for the German Reformation, p. 142-147. Warburg Institute copy 2 is a laser-printed copy on archival paper, generated from a digital reproduction of the original. London : Warburg Institute, 2006. 30 cm. Copy annotated by Warburg.